Memory Box Company Dies 
Memory Box Company offers a wide selection of high quality steel dies allowing you to cut, emboss and stencil on cardstock, metal, plastic and fabric. Compatible with major die cutting machines.  International Customers:  Please contact for shipping charges as our shopping carts are set up for US orders only.    Click on the images for enlargements, sizes and pricing.

Prim Poppy

Elyse Tree

Pixie Flower

Kensington Branch

Cluster of Carnations

Cascadia Wreath

Norwich Corner

Chrysanthemum Outline

Chrysanthemum Background

Fresh Leaves

Snowflake Tree

Tremaine Square

Precious Snowflakes

Delicate Blossoms

Fairy Flower Drops

Dangling Stems

Butterfly Arch

Summer Kites

Delightful Peony Outline

Delightful Peony Background

Grand Zinnia Outline

Floating Butterflies

Glowing Candles

Precious Stars

Resting Birds

Mini Shopping Bag

Leaping Deer

Fancy Potted Flower

Floral Circle

Blushing Flower

Wicker Panel

Bella Bouquet

Bamboo Shoots

Crafts Man Tools

Arianna Sprig

Rhone Butterfly

Effera Butterfly

Swirl Butterfly

Darla Butterfly

Precious Hearts

Vespertine Blossoms

Wildflower Corner





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