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All papers are 8" x 12" and each scanned image represents a 4" X 5" area (approximately 1/4 of the total sheet).  Double click on the thumbnails scans below to view papers in more detail.  When the images are enlarged, the pattern will appear slightly larger than the actual size.  The degree of change depends upon your monitor size and settings.  PLEASE NOTE THAT HANDMADE PAPERS MAY HAVE SLIGHT IMPERFECTIONS.  Since these papers are embossed, they are thicker and may require additional shipping charges.  If you would like an estimate prior to ordering, please contact me at for shipping charges.  Our shopping carts are set up for U.S. orders only.    


Matt Papers are $.75 each         Metallic and Pearl Papers are $.95 each          Pebble Papers are $1.10 each

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